Govt. Ripudaman College Nabha

Vision, Mission and Core Values

Govt. Ripudaman College, Nabha is a pioneer institution of higher education, unique in its own self  catering to the needs of mostly rural students driven by its vision and mission.


Enlightening budding young minds and empowering them in all aspects, ready to enter the arena of life.

The college adheres to the core values of dedication, hard work and commitment to excellence as encapsulated in the motto of the college Nulli Secundus (second to none)  encompassing the idea that we are not to lag behind in any walk of life. "


  • "Transforming the youth into precious assets to the society through quality education along with ethical values focussing on their all-round development".
  • To equip the students with a mature mind and a heart capable of critical thinking and problem solving.
  • To ignite the minds of the students, to build meaningful careers by strengthening their employability skills
  • To pledge a commitment to build a bond with nature and fellow beings.

The College makes every effort to accomplish its vision and mission. The endeavour is to impart value based quality education. The administration is decentralized to a great extent. by delegation of responsibilities with the heads of Departments, convener and various members from committees. The benchmarks are set for each and every activity to ensure quality administration through team effort


Government Ripudaman College
Punjab 147201


Reception :01765 222 914

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