Govt. Ripudaman College Nabha

Vision, Mission and Core Values
At Govt. Ripudaman College the academic climate is dedicated to the student community to facilitate knowledge that would enkindle them to love and serve the community.


To create a distinct environment of excellence in education with human values and social commitment.
We are committed:
1. To integrate in students the ennobling virtues of truth, fairness, tolerance and cooperation that leads them to serve the underprivileged.
2. To sensitize the students with a sense of appreciation of traditional and cultural inheritance of the nation.
3. To create and maintain an environment of excellence in education with technological advancement, effective pedagogy and methods of evaluation.
4. To provide life skills for a successful career, home and society.
▪️Core Values:
1. Foster Integrity
2. Acquire Competencies
3. Strive for Excellence
4. Serve the Society


Government Ripudaman College
Punjab 147201


Reception :01765 222 914

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