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Soft skills are a combination of personal attributes, personality traits, and communication abilities that are essential for success in the workplace. They include skills such as teamwork, leadership, problem-solving, critical thinking, and time management. Developing and practicing these skills can help individuals to build strong relationships, work collaboratively with others, and achieve their goals
From the perspective of Government Ripudaman College Nabha, the college recognizes the importance of developing soft skills in students. To this end, the college offers a range of courses and programs that focus on improving teamwork, leadership, problem-solving, critical thinking, and time management skills. These skills are essential for success in any field, and can help students to build strong relationships, express their ideas clearly, and work collaboratively with others,


Activity Date
Seminar on " The changing scenario of Indian Business Environment 06/04/22
Lecture on Soft Skill Building 09/03/23
7 Days workshop on LITERATURE AND PSYCHOLOGY 18-03-2023 to 25-03-2023
Seminar on Indian Culture and Lifestyle 23/11/22
Sci-FEST 2019 Participation at Thapar 21/02/19
Sci-FEST 2020 Participation at Thapar 26/02/20
Sci-FEST2023 Participation at Thapar 07/06/23
Seminar on How to Obtain Free Legal Aid 12/08/22
Seminar on Intellectual Propery Rights 11/04/23
7 Days worksop on Youth Empowerment Skill Program 10-03-2023 to 16-03-2023
Patiala Heritage Festival 02/03/20
Student participation of Stock audit of HUL Nabha 18/04/23
Shoonya Event 21/03/23
National Science Day 28/03/23
Seminar on HOW TO MAKE SELF HELP GROUPS 18/11/19

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