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Campus heritage trees are part of a college – identity; they represent a union between past and present,
a symbol shared across generations of student. The attachment to Campus ancient trees goes beyond
familiarity and tradition. The best love trees are old with deep roots. Ancient trees are indeed silent
witnesses of history. They have stood tall and witnessed centuries of events from natural phenomena
like storms and wildfires to human activities such as wars, settlements and cultural changes. These
ancient sentinels serve as a living connection to our shared history and the ever changing world around
A heritage tree may be defined as a tree of biological, cultural, ecological or historical interest because
of its age, size or condition. Heritage trees are integral and valuable part of our natural and cultural
landscape and are often among the oldest living objects in the relative place. Heritage trees provide a
sense of permanency and sense of place and important gene pool and also a critical repository of
potential pharmaceutical resources.
As the “elder statement” of a species, “heritage or champion” trees are a living reminder how large an
older particular species may become. Out of 14 acres total land of GRC Nabha approximately 2.5 acres
occupied by institutional building rest of the land is occupied by heritage trees and other plants. The
college was established in 1947 and is affiliated to Punjabi University Patiala. The maximum building of
the college is surrounded by the beautiful shady fruit trees and was act as a summer palace of Maharaja
Ripudaman Singh. Its campus was famous as “Pucca Bagh”. The main college building is a wonderful and
rare monument of the fine architecture.
Many majestic mature trees are the natural heritage of GRC campus Nabha which serve as important
green landmass for our princely state. Just our ancient Nabha city, it takes decades and in some cases,
more than 100 years for these trees to mature gracefully in our landscape. One can never imagine that
there are more than 150 heritage trees in GRC Nabha that can be teamed as heritage trees. Some
heritage trees are asset for our urban city. The criteria adopted for identification of a tree as a heritage
tree is by virtue of its age that is around 100 years old; from its profile and girth of trunk, ancient value,
historical significance, cultural reasons, social and education value, trees that are landmark of a
community and inhabitation, trees in a notable grove, avenue and other planting, a rare species, or
provides a habitat for rare species of plants animal or birds. The heritage trees are of good quality,
relatively free of damage and are also sufficiently well suited to preservence.
Philip Sidney Acardia acclaims that poetry could not exsist without nature as ancient orchards are the
reminders of our history. As well as these trees are called the legacy of the specific area because trees
and plants give the clean environment and things for our livelihood. The GRC Nabha campus is free of
any type of pollution as our heartfelt efforts to conserve and preserve its heritage trees and GRC, Nabha
has taken a big initiative in this regard. Many awareness for environment conservation and preservation
programmes and activities are included in the academic calendar of the college. This college also
conduct relevant awareness activities, plantation drives, lectures, poster making competitions,
cleanliness drives etc in the campus region.

College also celebrate Environment Day, World Wildlife Day, Earth Day, Soil Day, Swachh Bharat Abhiyan
etc on the regular basis. To conserve the heritage trees institute also conduct awareness drives on
stubble burning.

Information about the heritage trees in the campus


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