Govt. Ripudaman College Nabha

Historical Background of the College

RIPUDAMAN COLLEGE NABHA ( Estd . 1946 ), named after the patriotic king of the Nabha State His Highness Maharaja Ripudaman Singh , the college is one of the oldest colleges of the state . Maharaja Ripudaman Singh was born on 4th March , 1883 and was the only son of H.H. Maharaja Hira Singh . As a member of the Imperial Legislative Council from 1906 to 1908 he served as the custodian of Sikh community's rights and formed an outline of Reformist Legislation . He represented Nabha State in the coronation ceremony of George V. He passed the " Anand Marriage Act written by Bhai Kahan Singh of Nabha and it remained enforced from 1909 to 1949. Maharaja Ripudaman was coronated as the king of Nabha State after the death of Maharaja Hira Singh in 1911. He brought many administrative reforms during his reign . Being a patriot he was exiled to Kodaikanal ( Madras ) by Britishers where he passed away at the age of 59 .

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